What you should know about metal sex toys

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Have you ever try any of metal sex toys? Are you wonder, why are metal sex toys best for use? Perhaps you want to try those, but you are afraid of cold feeling inside you.
Well, now you will find out how to get rid of those fears and why are Metal sex toys best for intimate pleasure.

First of all we all know that metal is durable material which is very easy to clean. So you can easily clean your toy with universal sex toy cleaner before and after every use. Maybe you ask yourself why I should clean it twice? Actually, cleaning before and after every use is best for your health. With regular cleaning of your adult toy, you will exclude the possibility of any infection. So this is for your safety and look of your metal sex toy will always be shiny and clean.
How to use Metal sex toy? This is easy too. If you want to warm it up first, use one of the tips below. Then, put some lube on your toy and yourself before you use it anally or vaginally. For first insertion be gentle and do it with caution. That’s about it. What comes next it’s up to you.

Metal sex toys for you

Which metal sex toys you can find?

Inside of this group of sex toys you can find vibrators, butt plugs, nipple clamps, cock rings, Metal Worx Chastity Device and much more. Of course, you can find also a wide range of choices of other BDSM stuff.

How to deal with coldness of these sex toys?

It’s quiet simple. You have few ways to warm up your metal adult toy. First one is to take it into your hands and hold it for a minute or two. Second one is to soak your toy into warm water. But NEVER put it into a microwave Oven, like for example you can do it with glass sex toys.
If you like cold feeling inside you, then you can use cold water or put it into a fridge for a short period of time to cool it.

Advantages of Metal Sex Toys

Advantage of them is in the material. If you buy a cheap product, you can’t expect that it will last for long time. But if you spend a few bucks more and buy higher class of these sex toys, probably you have this one for life. You can’t broke it or make a damage on them. Of course as long as we talk about normal use.
Let’s talk about where you can purchase Metal Sex Toys for yourself or your partner. First of all, I will like to give you a small advice. Because those toys can be a very unique and special as a gift for any occasion between two of you. So don’t be a skinflint and spend few bucks more for your beloved person. After all, this toy can be forever for her or him.
Well, there are few online sex toys shops, that I trust.

Topsextoysshop.com – Here you have a wide range of choices. Best part of this online sex toys shop is that you can use a promo code for discount. Use a promo code:

PAY5LESS (5% discount – no minimum)

MAGIC10 (10% discount – 100$ minimum order)

Edenfantasys.com – Great online sex toys shop with FREE shipping orders $39+

 Amazon.com – Well known online store where you can find anything you may need.

Stockroom.com – There you have a wide range of choices and price ranges.

Extremerestraints.com – Specialist for BDSM stuff

Enjoy, have fun and play safe!

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