Using Double Ended Dildos Simultaneously

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Whether you are a lesbian or not, Double ended dildos are designed for everyone. This is because they make any sexual experience exciting and you can also take advantage of them. While there are several types of Dildos in the market, double ended dildos are the most popular ones and this is because they can be used by two people at the same time. It is known as a conventional dildo.

Whoever designed the double ended dildo ensured they were slightly longer in order to ensure they accomplish the mission of guaranteeing penetration on both ends of usage. What is more, it is important to state that the double sided dildos are in jelly form. Thanks to this fact, it is considerably easy for the double sided dildo to penetrate into the vagina with ease.

Double ended dildo

Another feature associated with the double ended dildos is the vibrators which make the experience more fun. The length also ensures you reach orgasm at a faster pace. More importantly, you can assume different positions when using the double ended dildo.

Of course you can use this great sex toy for solo play. However, you can also share it with your partner. Many enjoy in shearing sex toys especially sharing of double sided dildo. It’s like some kind the connection between them. While you take an action, you can help to penetrate inside of you and your partner with a hand, or you both somehow synchronize the movement and enjoy in penetration.

Don’t forget to clean your sex toy before and after every use with universal sex toy cleaner. Not only that you will be safe from infections, but your sex toy will also last much longer.

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