How can men spice up masturbation

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Are you tired and bored of „choking your turkey“? Do you want something more excited and fun? Do you want to have realistic sexual experience while you masturbate?
You found perfect place to find out how can men spice up masturbation and bring it to the next level.

Classic or if you want „old school“ masturbation become boring very quickly. Especially if you don’t use some of the sex toys which are made for this purpose. On line you can find tons of adult toys for self-pleasuring. With using them you can reach unexplored and undiscovered dimensions of sexual pleasures for you.


Fleshlight masturbator

What is masturbator?

Well, it’s quite simple. Masturbators are interesting sex toys which allows to men quality masturbation and with that better and more intens orgasms. In sex toys shops you can find those in many shapes, sizes, colors and functions. Of course, as you probably expect, most popular are those in the shape of pussy, mouth or anus. All of those are very realistic by the feel and pleasure that it gives. No matter which material you pick, all of them provides very realistic skin feel. Because of realistic look and feel these sex toys give to men very realistic experience and pleasure. By statistic is known that the best seller is artificial vagina. Some of them comes also with vibrating feature, which gives them even more realistic feel of “womens treasure”. More advanced fake pussy comes with vibrating bullet insert with the remote controller.

Every masturbator have some kind of sleeve to stick your penis inside of it. Of course you can choose between the length and tightness. Narrower sleeves are those who looks like anus.

Don’t be embarrassed because you are looking for sex toy. Using them is no longer taboo. Pick the masturbator, which you think is the best for you. Advantage of choosing a Fleshlight is that you can change the sleeve, so you don’t need to purchase every time whole toy but you just get the sleeve and you are good to go. It also looks just like flashlight, so no one will suspected that you got something that brings you sexual pleasure while you are alone. Believe me, you’ll be amazed how satisfying Fleshlight is.

Don’t be afraid of using any masturbator. After all, they are made just for this purpose! So this is how can men spice up masturbation.

Where to get one for you?

There are lot of sex toy stores online, but not all of them are worth of your hard earned money. So I’ll give you links to sex toys shops that I trust.

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