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Body harnesses come in a wide range of styles and can be worn by men and women. Typically women wear them and they are composed of three horizontal leather straps that buckle in the back.
Female Body HarnessesAdditionally, the entire device is held together by a vertical strap that runs from the back to the front passing between the legs. This strap is also adjustable and can buckle in the front or the back. The entire harness is composed of high quality black leather and stainless steel buckles. A male body harness is quite similar to the female harnesses except that they come in larger sizes and their is additional equipment available in regards to buckles.

Male Body HarnessesWhether you are requesting a female body harnesses or a male body harness, you will need to take custom measurements to ensure the sizing is all correct. Incorrect sizing will mean that the product fits to snuggly or too loosely. Proper sizing will ensure the your partner feels everything they are supposed to and also expose everything that should be exposed for maximum pleasure.

Body harness for greater sex pleasure can be used for pony play or for the couple that just wants to spice up their sex life. Many users praise the simplicity of the design and have reported hours of fun and pleasure with their mate.


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