Discreet vibrators – my tiny secret

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Are you shy and scared that someone caught you while you please yourself? You masturbate only when you’re home alone? Maybe you just need a small sex toy that you don’t even have to hide and can be in the reach at all time? Well, discreet vibrators are perfect choice for you.

Why pick one of discreet vibrators?

A lot of people are shy by nature. So it’s not a big deal if you one of them, as long as this scarcity isn’t too big.
If you can get rid of feeling that someone watches you while you please yourself, grab one of those little devils and enjoy in vibrating pleasures. Don’t worry. There is a plenty of choices even for those who masturbate only under the shower or in the bathtub.
All you have to do is to check if one of those discreet vibrators that catch your eye is waterproof and you are good to go.

You can choose between shapes, colors and features. Especially those who love to play in the water, make sure that your chosen discreet vibrator is waterproof.

Discreet vibrators

Duck vibrators

Why is so special? No one will ever be suspicious why you like to play with it so much while you take a bath. It’s waterproof, powerful but still whisper quiet. There are few varieties of duck vibrators. Great choice in every point of view.

Mascara and lipstick vibrators

Those are most popular among all easy to hide vibrators. It fits easily in your purse or carry on. You can choose between lipstick and mascara shaped vibrator. It’s small but still powerful enough to brings you to reach an orgasm.

Keychain vibrators

It’s just like any other keychain but still have posibility to tease an please you anywhere you want to. It’s practical and very light.

There are few more different shapes, but you get the picture. All of those little pleasure givers are ment to be discreet and as much as possible powerful to provide you vibrating pleasure in the reach of the fingertip at any time.

One more advice

Clean your sex toy regularly. You can find many cleaning products, so you don’t have an excuse. In that purpose, I’ll give you a promo code that I use it regularly to save few bucks, but usually I grab an extra sex toy cleaner.

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