Best long distance controlled vibrators

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If you want to bring your sex life to the next level, you should consider about getting one of the best long distance controlled vibrators.

Advantage of those sex toys is in their usability. It gives you more freedom and you can use it with your partner. Like it’s mentioned before, if you want to bring your sex life to the next level, you should trust to your partner.

Maybe you ask yourself, what should I trust to my partner?!

The answer is, the remote controller.

Use the advantage of best long distance controlled vibrators and have fun with your partner. Of course, you can tease each other too.

You are not limited only on woman vibrators. One of the best selling long distance controlled vibrators are Remote controlled vibrating panties for men. Those are quite unique, but you should know that they are very popular in nowadays.

Best long distance controlled vibrators

You also have a choice to pick those that are made for couples. I’m sure that you will love to have MasteRing Ring & Bullet Set. It’s unique and stylish, its range is up to 50 feet, so your partner can tease you across the room.

If you want even more, you should check the vibrators with voice controlled option of its vibrations. You can get some that you plug into your iPad and you can enjoy in vibrating pleasures of your favorite songs.
For those who wants to enjoy even more in their beloved songs I recommend to find those with voice sensitive remote controller.
So you can get teasing from whisper of your partner or you go and enjoy on some party or even better, on the concert of your favorite band.

In sex life of every single person is always some ups and downs. Take care of yours, and rise it up and choose one of the best long distance controlled vibrators.

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How to find best vibrating panties for you

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How to find best vibrating panties for you is question which answer is hidden in the way you want to use them. There is no doubt, that popularity of those is growing especially among couples. If you want to know how to find best vibrating panties for you you should check this out.

There are few type of vibrating panties, but which one is best for you depend on how you will use them.

For solo play and cheapest version is to get vibrating bullet insert. Once you have one, you turn it on, sli pinto your panties and wonderland of vibrating pleasures is right before you.
However, you should consider about get vibrating panties. This means, that you get panties and bullet insert.
It’s nicer to have the whole package, but as you wish. After all, you can get few variations of bullet insert, so you can save your money.

remote vibra

Next version is vibrating panties with wired controller of bullet insert which is hidden in your panties on that special place of yours.
It can be controlled by your partner too, but you don’t have much freedom as by using wireless remote control vibrating panties.

So we come to the level of wireless remote controlled vibrating panties. Those are most popular by couples. Especially those who love to have fun anywhere, anytime.
It can be used almost anywhere you want to. On the Bus, at the cinema, on the concert, while you walk in the park…
Great example of using one is the movie »The ugly truth«. Where  Katherine Heigl wear them on business dinner.
Result??? Watch the movie and you will love it! You can check more about those panties if you click on – Vibrating panties from The ugly truth movie!
Couples usually use those for foreplay and when they come home, the real action begin.

However this is not it. On the market is also vibrating lingerie which si controlled not only by wireless remote controller, but also have a voice sensitive sensor, which activate the vibrations controlled by voice.
This is ultimate fun especially when you can enjoy in vibrating pleasures of the beat of your favorite song or even better, if you are on the concert of your favorite band.
Now you know why this type is The best vibrating panties.

I hope this will help you to find the answer on the question, how to find best vibrating panties for you.

Don’t hesitate and surprise your partner with vibrating lingerie.

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How to use fifty shades of grey sex toys

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Do you like the story fifty shades of grey? Did you get goosebumps while you read the book? Do you want to relieve all the sexual experience of Anastasia Steele and Christian Grey. You are on right place to find out more about how to use fifty shades of grey sex toys.

Liquids of fifty shades of grey sex toys collection.

Inside this sex toys collection, you can find lubricant, sex toy cleaner, which is very important. There are also massage oil and sensual bath oil. For anal play you should use the anal lubricant.
Importance of all those liquids is that gives you a pleasure and protect you and your toys. Remember, using lubricants and sex toys cleaner will extend the life of your sex toys.
Here I must give you a call for romance. Don’t forget about Fifty Shades Massage Me Massage Candle. Start your foreplay with erotic massage to turn your partner on and you will enjoy in sex even more.



BDSM stuff of fifty shades of grey sex toys collection

Inside of this group of sex toys, you can pick some of soft as well as hard BDSM stuff. Most searched are cuffs and Fifty Shades of Grey Beginners Bondage Kit. Beside those, you can find tickler, nipple clamps, paddle,flogger and much more. You can always combine ultimate sex play  using slave collar with nipple clamps or other with BDSM items of this great sex toys collection. To find out more about collars, click on Slave Collars


Ultimate pleasure of vibrating items are definitely one of those which are most known to anyone. All of vibrators from its collection can be used as vaginal or anal play. Especially we aim to please is great because you can transform your ordinary lingerie into the vibrating one. More about that you can check if you click on Vibrating Panties.

 Dildos, butt plugs and beeds

Of course, also well known among sex toys users. Obviously they are meant to be used anally and using this toy is growing every day. Not only by woman, but also by man. So don’t hesitate and surprise your partner with one of those toys. Sure, for anal play you can use also vibrators. In my opinion, Ben wa balls is not only for woman’s kegel exercise to strengthen their muscles inside of its vagina. They are also great for anal play, especially for those who dare more.


Protection is these days very important, especially if you got more than one person for sex games. So don’t be shy and don’t risk your own health – use a condom. Those are available inside of this collection too.

Games and other stuff

Game, audio book and much more can be found inside fifty shades of grey sex toys collection. Don’t forget to check special items like plastic table-cover for even more exited play with your partner.

How to use fifty shades of grey sex toys is question inside many readers heads. The answer is very simple, be spontaneous, don’t be shy and explore the land of pleasure using as much as you want of those toys. Maybe you will wake up one day and think about »why I didn’t try this before?«. Well here and now is the chance that you beat these thoughts out of your head and find out all of pleasures that Anastasia Steele have with Christian Grey during the story of fifty shades of grey.

Any item of this collection is also very great as a unique gift for your partner!

Now you know how to use fifty shades of grey sex toys. Check out this great sex toys collection.
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Discreet vibrators – my tiny secret

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Are you shy and scared that someone caught you while you please yourself? You masturbate only when you’re home alone? Maybe you just need a small sex toy that you don’t even have to hide and can be in the reach at all time? Well, discreet vibrators are perfect choice for you.

Why pick one of discreet vibrators?

A lot of people are shy by nature. So it’s not a big deal if you one of them, as long as this scarcity isn’t too big.
If you can get rid of feeling that someone watches you while you please yourself, grab one of those little devils and enjoy in vibrating pleasures. Don’t worry. There is a plenty of choices even for those who masturbate only under the shower or in the bathtub.
All you have to do is to check if one of those discreet vibrators that catch your eye is waterproof and you are good to go.

You can choose between shapes, colors and features. Especially those who love to play in the water, make sure that your chosen discreet vibrator is waterproof.

Discreet vibrators

Duck vibrators

Why is so special? No one will ever be suspicious why you like to play with it so much while you take a bath. It’s waterproof, powerful but still whisper quiet. There are few varieties of duck vibrators. Great choice in every point of view.

Mascara and lipstick vibrators

Those are most popular among all easy to hide vibrators. It fits easily in your purse or carry on. You can choose between lipstick and mascara shaped vibrator. It’s small but still powerful enough to brings you to reach an orgasm.

Keychain vibrators

It’s just like any other keychain but still have posibility to tease an please you anywhere you want to. It’s practical and very light.

There are few more different shapes, but you get the picture. All of those little pleasure givers are ment to be discreet and as much as possible powerful to provide you vibrating pleasure in the reach of the fingertip at any time.

One more advice

Clean your sex toy regularly. You can find many cleaning products, so you don’t have an excuse. In that purpose, I’ll give you a promo code that I use it regularly to save few bucks, but usually I grab an extra sex toy cleaner.

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Where to buy best vibrators

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Looking for vibrator but you don’t know where to get one? Perhaps you need more information and you can’t find them. Maybe you just need a guide where to buy best vibrators. Here is the answer to your frustrating question.

Online sex toy stores are best places to get adult toys for ultimate pleasures. No matter if you play solo or with partner, vibrators are definitely one of the most searchable sex toys on the planet. But, where to buy best vibrators can be very dificult decision. So I decide to share with you sex toys stores that I use to purchase toys for me and my girlfriend.

Where to buy bestvibrators – Here you can find anything you want for adult playing. Never forget to clean your toys. So use promo codes to get discount and pick some sex toy cleaner or lube for money that you save with promo code!

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To check out, GO HERE! – There you can find plenty of sex toys. They really have wide range of choices. I personally use this store more than others. Especially if you go trough »best sellers«, you will definitely find something for you and your partner. They also have a lot of sexy underwear. I highly recommend you to check vibrating underwear. Don’t forget to use Promo codes and use saved money for extra cleaner or lube – or not. I usually pick a cleaner, because it’s very important to clean sex toy before and after every use!

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All of those online sex toys stores are trustworthy. Don’t forget to use discount codes to save your hard earned money!

This is the answer on your question, where to buy best vibrators.

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Sexy underwear as Valentine’s day gift

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Searching for something to surprise your partner for this years Valentine’s day? You want something different to give her or him as a Valentine’s day gift? Perhaps you just want to read something that will inspire you to go in action and get some Valentines lingerie for your partner.

We all know that sexy looking underwear is eye catchy and seductive. Of course, even better is watching your partner in seductive thongs or panties, maybe even in corset. However, if you looking for something extra this year, any type of vibrating underwear is great choice to surprise your partner.

Wireless remote control vibratint thongsIf you want something to shock your men, get him a remote control vibrating thong for men this year. Believe me, he definitely won’t forget this years Valentine’s day gift from you!  Sure, you can get any type of vibrating lingerie for your woman too. All you have to do is to check out her size of panties and you are good to go in action. If you are in doubt about her size, you can always pick vibrating panties with laces on the side, so you cant miss the size, no matter what type of body she have.

Advantage of wireless remote control vibrating lingerie is, that both of you can enjoy during play. He or she can have the remote controller and have the power to control the vibrations in partners underwear. In the meantime, your partner will enjoy in vibrating pleasures that is controlled from you. So this is win win for both of you.

Maybe you want to read more about Sexy Valentine’s Underwear. You can check out the website that is all about this topic.


There you will find informations that you need and this is not all. Check the promo codes for special discount, so you will save your money too.

Don’t waste your time, because the discount codes will expire soon. Usually right after Valentine’s day. So be sure to use it before it’s too late.

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What you should know about metal sex toys

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Have you ever try any of metal sex toys? Are you wonder, why are metal sex toys best for use? Perhaps you want to try those, but you are afraid of cold feeling inside you.
Well, now you will find out how to get rid of those fears and why are Metal sex toys best for intimate pleasure.

First of all we all know that metal is durable material which is very easy to clean. So you can easily clean your toy with universal sex toy cleaner before and after every use. Maybe you ask yourself why I should clean it twice? Actually, cleaning before and after every use is best for your health. With regular cleaning of your adult toy, you will exclude the possibility of any infection. So this is for your safety and look of your metal sex toy will always be shiny and clean.
How to use Metal sex toy? This is easy too. If you want to warm it up first, use one of the tips below. Then, put some lube on your toy and yourself before you use it anally or vaginally. For first insertion be gentle and do it with caution. That’s about it. What comes next it’s up to you.

Metal sex toys for you

Which metal sex toys you can find?

Inside of this group of sex toys you can find vibrators, butt plugs, nipple clamps, cock rings, Metal Worx Chastity Device and much more. Of course, you can find also a wide range of choices of other BDSM stuff.

How to deal with coldness of these sex toys?

It’s quiet simple. You have few ways to warm up your metal adult toy. First one is to take it into your hands and hold it for a minute or two. Second one is to soak your toy into warm water. But NEVER put it into a microwave Oven, like for example you can do it with glass sex toys.
If you like cold feeling inside you, then you can use cold water or put it into a fridge for a short period of time to cool it.

Advantages of Metal Sex Toys

Advantage of them is in the material. If you buy a cheap product, you can’t expect that it will last for long time. But if you spend a few bucks more and buy higher class of these sex toys, probably you have this one for life. You can’t broke it or make a damage on them. Of course as long as we talk about normal use.
Let’s talk about where you can purchase Metal Sex Toys for yourself or your partner. First of all, I will like to give you a small advice. Because those toys can be a very unique and special as a gift for any occasion between two of you. So don’t be a skinflint and spend few bucks more for your beloved person. After all, this toy can be forever for her or him.
Well, there are few online sex toys shops, that I trust. – Here you have a wide range of choices. Best part of this online sex toys shop is that you can use a promo code for discount. Use a promo code:

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Enjoy, have fun and play safe!

Generally about Remote control vibrating underpants

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If you are looking for special way of foreplay in sex with your partner? Maybe you want to try something new. Perhaps, you want something that brings joy and pleasure to both of you. Well, Remote control vibrating underpants are definitely what you are looking for!

Many couples use them for foreplay. However, this is something special. Why? Remote control vibrating underpants, you can wear anywhere you want. Not only that, you can also enjoy in vibrating pleasures that it provides too.

Foreplay is essential in sex. Especially if your partner can’t reach an orgasm so easily. This sex toy will give something to both of you. You can control the vibrations and the power of them. Meanwhile your partner enjoy in vibrations that are under your control.

Vibrating Thongs

Best part of Remote control Vibrating Underpants is made for women and men! So there is no excuse that you can’t enjoy in it. Of course, it is not only made for couples. You can play solo as well.
Remote controller usually have enough range to stimulate your partner across the room. Some of them are respond even up to 20 feet away. So if you or your partner wear vibrating lingerie outside, you will be able to give your partner what she or he wants.

On the market are also available this kind of sex toys which is voice sensitive It means that you can enjoy in vibrations driven of music from your MP3 player, or even from loud music if you go on the concert of your beloved band. Loud home party are also great to use this type of vibrating underwear.
There is more! Some of those vibrating bullet insert are waterproof. This means that you can enjoy in vibrating stimulation under the water too. Wear a pair of vibrating panties and take a bath or maybe swim in the pool. You can also insert bullet insert into your swimsuit.

So what you get when you purchase Wireless remote control vibrating underpants?

All of vibrating lingerie have sexy, seductive look. Usually are made from stretch and washable materials. So it’s one size fits most. This underwear you can wear as any other lingerie if you remove bullet insert.

Bullet insert which provides you with vibrations are made from durable and safe for use plastic material. Like I said before, some of them are even waterproof. If you like you can remove it from the secret pocket in your panties. So you can stimulate every other part of your body.
You can get vibrating underwear in any type of lingerie. So you can find all of them from thong to boyshorts. Even vibrating pearl thongs are available.


One more thing:

Remote control vibrating underpants are great as a gift for your anniversary. So you can surprise your partner with a gift that he or she will never expect from you.


This is in short it. If you looking for more info I suggest to visit



To get one for you or your partner, GO HERE!

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Suction cup rabbit style vibrator

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Are you looking for new way to have sex on your own? Suction cup rabbit style vibrator is the best way to break every day routine in your sex life. It’s very simple to play with it and will give you what you want for a long time.

Suction cup rabbit style vibrator

The best part of using this unique suction cup vibrator is, that you can ride it hands free. You can suck it on the almost any smooth surface and it will stay put. Many women like “Wall-banging”.

This toy definitely offers you limitless way to use, as long you are flexible enough. My girlfriend love to use this Suction Cup Rabbit Style Vibrator under the shower. She suck it on the wall and enjoy in wall-banging.

Of course you can suck it also on the floor, table or any other smooth surface in your home and enjoy in vibrating pleasures inside you. But this is not all. Soft jelly material gives to this suction cup vibrator life-like feel and the second base provide you with thrilling clitoral stimulation. If you love anal sex, you can use this sex toy also for anal sex.

Reach an orgasm under the shower, on the table, while you banging a wall or riding on the floor with this great and cheap suction cup rabbit style vibrator.

You can use promo code: (only on )

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Do you want to re-live Fifty shades of Grey?

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Did you enjoy reading Fifty Shades of Grey? Yeah, me too. Do you also want to try out some of the things Christian Grey did to Anastasia Steele? I know I do.

Guess what? With official Fifty Shades of Grey sex toy collection you can. You can actually try out everything Christian and Anastasia did in all three books.

Inside of this collection of sex toys, you can find something for every taste. This collection include toys and gadgets which are great for those who love anal sex, G-Spot stimulation and even for those who love BDSM stuff.


First things first. For fore play I highly recommend to use whip, blindfold, paddle or tickler. Gently turn on heat inside of your partners body when she or he wears blindfold. With tickler you can caressing the parts of body which start to tremble during gentle touch of feathers. Goosebumps will show you awakened sensitivity and excitement.You can also try We Aim To Please Vibrating Bullet insert inside of her sexy looking panties.

What you use next from Fifty shades of grey sex toys collection is up to you and your partner. Only you know which path you will take. If you choose soft and gentle play, you should choose something like classic vibrator, Drive me crazy glass massage wand or G-Spot mini vibrator to give her ultimate pleasure.

If you are fan of BDSM stuff, you will have quite of work to do if you want to use it all. You can start with Ben Wa balls made from metal or silicone. Of course you can spice it up your play with cuffs or restraint kit or beginner bondage kit. You should also try anal beads and Something forbidden Butt plug for anal pleasure.

Don’t forget to play safe. So use lubricants for safer and more enjoyable sex games.


Don’t hesitate and re-live Fifty shades of Grey! CLICK HERE NOW!