Safe use of sex swings and other sex toys at home

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Sex swings are only one type of sexual equipment that you can get for your sexual play. On the market are many products, which offer different pleasure maker or equipment for sexual play. All of them are meant for pleasure, joy, and excitement, by no means to hurt others.


 Find the best sex swings for home use here.


Safe use of every equipment is the crucial and safe use of sex swings is no exception. To play safe, you should think what you can do for safe and full satisfaction play before every use. Here is not meant only surroundings, but also using sex equipment and sex toy as well.

What can you do to play safe sex games?


If you choose a sex product made from the well-known manufacturer, you will definitely get one of the good sex toys. This is some kind of warranty for you because the well-known manufacturer will not let unchecked product on the market.

Even if it shows up, that some of the products are bad, they will immediately remove it from the market and usually, you will get something in return.

The price

Every time you choose a cheap product, which is not on sale with the discount, you are on the thin line between good and bad quality of the sex toys, as well as by other products.
So every time you find the cheap item, check the comments if there are any or at least if there is star rating indicator somewhere near the product description.

Follow the instruction

With almost any product, you get some kind of instructions. These are meant for use or mounting, or how to assemble the product.

If you follow the instructions you get with your chosen product, you are on the good way that you are using the product right, so you are safe.

Check the materials

If you know, that you are allergic to some materials, you must consider, that you don’t pick the product which has such material in the description. This way you will do your job. So you can use your sex swing or any other sex toy like it’s meant to be.


Some people enjoy pain. But, every time you play with such a person, you must know where is the line between the pain that is desirable and the pain which is over acceptable tolerance.
Every use of sex product must be in the comfort zone and it should provide pleasure to the person which use it

Maintaining and cleaning

Regular maintaining and cleaning of your sex toys, even sex swing, will return you a favor with longer lasting and pleasures that you want from it. Always follow the instructions that you get it with the product and you will not have problems with maintaining and cleaning of your beloved sex gear.

Remember, anytime you use any kind of sex toys, play safe and enjoy it. As long as you will play safe, your sex equipment will give you, what you want from it. Of course, you should follow all before mentioned things to be safe during the play too.

Dolls with realistic look

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Sex Dolls are in adult world very popular sex toy. User feels it, like there is another person, so it’s easier to express its sexual needs. Many of sex dolls are realistic.

sex dollOn the market you can find several options. So you can choose among inflatable sex dolls, realistic dolls, as well as dolls only with torso. Some of those have realistic pussy and ass, which offers real like sexual experiance to user.

Of course, all of them are made to satisfy your sexual needs. You can penetrate inside it in one of three holes on doll.

Some of those offers mouth and pussy, realistic one come with all three holes. So satisfaction is reachable, no matter which one you choose.

doll with penisBest sex dolls are molded directly from body of well known porn stars. Those you can find all the time among bestselling sex dolls for sale of course.
You can find those, in any skin color you like. As well as male and female sex dolls.

Any man wants to have real like sexual experience, at least with one of porn stars in the comfort of its home and taste ultimate pleasure of body that he watch on TV.

If you think that you don’t have many options, you’ll be surprised.

If you are interested to get one of sex dolls, you should check here, to explore even more, and get it with 10% discount with promo code SEXDOLL10, GO HERE.

How to find best pussy and ass masturbators

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How to find best pussy and ass masturbator is common question among people who want this type of sex toy. Some of them purchase one or two of them, but at the end, they are dissapointed. Because I have enough of this, I’ll share with you my secret to help you find out, how to find best pussy and ass masturbator.

What is pussy and ass masturbator?

Jessica Sanders Realistic VaginaThis is a sex toy, which offers to user best satisfaction of its sexual needs. This type of masturbator offers two holes, anal and vaginal love tunnel. Each of them usually have different texture on the inside. However, both of them, are made to provide sensational pleasure and stimulation to user.

On the market you can find also the masturbator with four holes, like you have “threesome” with two sexy ladies. More about such awesome sex toy you can find if you click on Double Decker Threesome Pussy And Ass Masturbator on the right.double decker threesome pussy and ass masturbator

Where and how to find best information about realistic pussy and ass masturbators?

As I searching online to find info about these realistic masturbators, I found unique website, where you can find a lot of reviews about them.

»I talk about this website –«

How to find best pussy and ass masturbators on the market

There are few ways, but I’ll show you best two ways. There is easy way and longer way. So, let’s talk about the easy way first.

First, you should go on one of the online sex toys store. I highly recommend you one of these two:

(click on the name of the store) – There is wide range of choices, best thing is, that in header of the store you can find promo code for discount. Use the advantage of it! – This is a worldwide well known online store, where you can find a lot of sex toys, as well as other things that you probably need at home.
With the click on the, you can use the shortcut to those products.

When you are on the site – online store, in the search bar type »pussy and ass« and click on magnifying glass or press enter on your keyboard. After that, you should check in left sidebar and click on “Masturbators & Dolls”.

Now you should see products that match your keyword.

Ashley-Blue-Cyberskin-Spread-Wide-Pussy-AssIn the sidebar (usually on the left side) you have many option to choose. If you want one of the best from customers with star rated pussy and ass masturbators, you should click on four stars or more, in the sidebar.

Then you should see all the realistic pussy and ass that have four or more stars. This means, that every single one of them get at least four stars, from satisfied customers.
There you should pick one, that fits best to you, seeing from perspective of your desire. Of course, the price is also one of the important pointers.

However, I give you my word, if you choose one with the price higher than hundred bucks, you’ll get masterpiece of sex toy.

Don’t be a miser. Give yourself a gift, high quality masturbator, that will be with you for a long, long time. After all, it’s all about your pleasure.

Second way is longer, but at the end you’ll get similar result. The only different is, that here you should check all the sex toys that you like and read the comments of users that already have that pussy and ass masturbator, that you choose.

This will give you best insight, but if you follow the instructions, which I give you before, you’ll save a lot of your time.

Use the advantage of people that do work for you and rate sex toys, that they already got. So you don’t need to brainstorming, which realistic pussy and ass masturbator is good and worth of your hard earned money.

Sure, you can combine these two tactics and play a little bit with searching.

Now you know, two best ways about, How to find best realistic pussy and ass masturbator. All you need to do is use the advantage you got, which many people don’t know!

What is Fleshlight masturbator?

Fleshlight masturbator is No.1 selling sex toy for men in the world. It’s unique sex toy, that have many possibilities to satisfy sexual needs of user.

Fleshlight-masturbator-topOwner of this realistic masturbator can enjoy in masturbation with penetration in any of three holes of pleasure on womens body. Mouth, pussy and ass are those three holes, which can be used in one single Fleshlight masturbator.

Advantages of Fleshlight Masturbator

First advantage of all, is in its shape. This shape gives to user unique solution. Masturbator is hidden inside the »flashlight« shaped item. So this is one of those discreet masturbators, which is for everyone, on the first sight looks like flashlight , but no one knows, that inside is hiding your beloved sex toy.

You can replace – change the sleeve, anytime you like. This is unique feature, that you have with this male masturbator. You can choose among many mouths, pussies and ass holes sleves.

Among those sleeves, you can find those, which are molded from well known porn stars. So you’ll get sexual satisfaction, of any hole you like most of your favorite porn star.

If you looking for unique hole of your favorite adult movie star, check among Fleshlight girls. All of them are molded from porn star, that you choose. So don’t hesitate and get at least one for you right away!

You are not limited on the color of these. Among those Fleshlight girls you can find all skin type, so you don’t have excuse that you don’t like it because of the skin color.

More info about whole collection of Fleshlight girls, you’ll find here!

CNVELD-PDRD298_11443806812-e1447192633835-204x470Mega Bator

In short description, this is first hands free male masturbator on the market. User get ultimate stroke and spinning satisfaction.

To get even more excitement, with this toy is also included a media device holder. So you can watch your beloved scene with your favorite porn star, while you enjoy in hands free masturbation.

To find more, even promo code with discount, check article with the title – Mega Bator review – discount code included

Roto bator

Roto-Bator-Pussy-male-masturbatorThis is great male masturbator with the shape of the pussy on the outside, and unique love tunnel in the inside. Inside of the love tunnel are strategically placed metal pleasure beads which will take care of unforgetable sensation pleasure during the play.

Users, which have roto bator masturbator, stands behind the same opinion, that you’ll come harder than you ever imagine.

Those three male realistic pussy and ass masturbators, are just few of best rated male masturbators on the market.

So check them out so you’ll find best one, that fits to you like a glove.

To find best reviews about realistic pussy and as masturbators, visit

Three holes of male realistic masturbators

Masturbating is something good and healthy. This is not only for satisfy its own needs, but also to explore your body, what you like most and what brings you down.

Very important during masturbation is to enjoy the sexual experience that you have. No matter if there is your bare hand that »choke your turkey«, or you use some of the male realistic masturbator sex toys.

Basically, there are threee holes that are ment for masturbating with male realistic masturbators. Mouth, pussy and ass masturbators are those three.

There is no need to loose my words and your time to explain that most of those are molded from models. Some of those, especially those in higher price range are molded from well known porn stars.three holes of male realistic masturbators

Which hole of male realistic masturbators should you pick?


Mouth are those that we see it most. In my opinion, most mens loves to get a blowjob. So if you are one of those who like this most, you should pick this one.

Only problem here is that you are basically limited on Fleshlight toys. Which is not bad, but your range of choices is a little bit smaller.

Anyway, advantage of Fleshlight mouth sleves is that is easy to clean and almost always ready to use. But you can replace it, with pussy or ass sleeves. It’s compact and you can hide it anywhere in your room or in luggage if you go to vacation.

This is also great for those who love guys. You can pick one from the fleshlight collection, which you can FIND HERE!

Ass is second. It’s also great for those who’s turned on by guys. Anyway, it’s also for those who like annal sex. This hole is normally tight, so it gives a little bit more pleasure because of the »pressure« of tightness.

Fake Pussy and ass vibroThose come molded from men and woman as well as from well known porn stars.

Here you are not limited only on Fleshlight sex toys, but you can also get a whole package of woman’s body including pussy.

No matter which one you choose, I’m sure, you’ll get great sexual experiance with those.

Pussy is normally most desirable hole for men. Just like ass masturbators, realistic pussy is something that you pick as an Fleshlight sleeve, or whole package of woman’s body.

It’s up to you. If you want to masturbate using hands, you definitely choose one of the Fleshlight girls pussy.

If you like to bang it, get an extra shower mount for fleshlight that you can fix it on any smooth surface or get bigger piece of woman’s body.


Advantages of Fleshlight realistic masturbators is hidden in removable sleeves. You can pick all three holes from one or multiple porn stars and enjoy in intimite pleasures of your dream girls.

If you want to change it, you simply remove one sleeve and insert different on and you can start masturbate.

Don’t forget to clean your realistic masturbator before and after every use.

With proper cleaning and maintaining, those will ast for a very long time.

All of those toys are made from bodysafe materials and give a real skin like feeling.

Lot of reviews of all kind of those realistic masturbators you can get if you visit this great website: – There you can find promo codes for discounts and also tips about how to get realistic masturbators cheaper.

Fleshlight masturbators on sale

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Everyone like to save money. So I decided to show you the way, how to find Fleshlight masturbators on sale. Actually I’ll show you few ways to find those fake pussy and ass cheaper.

How to find better quality Fleshlight masturbators on sale?

This is actually very easy. There are few ways, but I’ll share with you those that I use when I search for cheaper Fleshlight masturbators and other sex toys.

Sidebar navigation:

This is easiest way to get cheap sex toys. Almost every online store have sidebar with »helping options«. There you can usually choose between price range, ratings from customers, materials, manufacturers, features, discount percentage and so on.
Well, this is it. Go to your favorite online store, mine is HERE!

In search bar, type the name or brand of the product that you looking for. If you don’t get any result, try something that is related. For example, Fleshlight, fake pussy, male mastrubator,….
Then you should check the sidebar. Choose product with at least three stars. Then,if you have the option, choose your price range or percentage of discount.

Fleshlight gold

Other methods to get Fleshlight masturbator cheaper:

Coupon codes:

Those are codes, which gives you a chance to save your money. Mostly those are for some sort of discount in percentage or value of money ($5).

FREE shipping

This will also save your money. Many of online stores have this option if you made purchase for certain amount of money.

How to get those promo codes?

Some of stores have promo codes in visible place on the home page of the store. So check out home page before you go trough purchase process.

Where you can get Fleshlight masturbators cheaper? PROMO CODES:
JUST4U – 5% discount (no minimum order)
10OFF50 – 10% discount ($50.00 Order Minimum)
15PLEASURE – 15% discount ($100.00 Order Minimum)
Don’t hesitate and get your sex toy – CLICK HERE! Promo Codes:
PROMOSUB77 – 10.00% Off (No Order Minimum)
BEST4YOU – 15.00% Off ($100.00 Order Minimum)

Find out their offers – GO HERE!
Huge collection of Fleshlights. Choose sleeves that are molded from worldwide known adult movie stars.
With sleeves molded from them I meant pussy, ass and mouth.
There are also aveilable other products like Zombie Fleshlight, Alien fleshlight and also accessories.
Dont’t forget to pick some cleaner too.
All I know, there is FREE shipping for orders $80$

To find Fleshlight for you – CLICK HERE!


You can choose one Fleshlight and several sleeves, which you can replace.

To find out more click on Fleshlight.

Sexy Halloween costumes

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Do you want to surprise your partner at Halloween party? Maybe you want to make the special party Halloween for him. Now is your chance to find special Sexy Halloween costumes.

Halloween is not only for kids. Adults can have fun too. So don’t hesitate and explore the options with with costume you will surprise your partner at this years Halloween party.

Sexy Halloween costumes for womanNot only that you have wide range of choices. You can pick Sexy Halloween costumes in plus sizes too. If you have bigger sizes it does not mean that you can’t have fun too.

So, what you can choose?

One of the main choice is to pick one of sexy costumes. Here I give my word for Playboy bunny, Naughty Schoolgirl, sports babe costume, French maid costume and Sexy Nurse costume.

All of those are meant to surprise and seduce your partner at the private or overall Halloween party. Sure, this is more or less for woman.
If you want to find those in the combination with the corset, click on Sexy Halloween Corset costumes.

Sexy Halloween costumes for menHowever, man can choose some special sexy stuff too. Of course, those who love to play with the uniform, they can choose officer costume or G.I.Guy costume.
Others have few other options.  Most searchable stuff among Sexy Halloween costumes for men are actually any kind of sexy looking thongs.
Because the Halloween is fun, you can choose between many fun thongs for men. Those with elephant on the front are quite cute.

Find out something for yourself and your partner and take your chance to use special promo code HALLOWEEN and get 10% discount, no minimum order!

Grab your chance NOW!

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Jenna Jameson Fleshlight girl

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Do you dream about having sex with Jenna Jameson Fleshlight girl? Your dream can come true and you are just few clicks away.
Realize your dream in real life sexual experience in the comfort of your home.

Jenna Jameson is a well known porn star and one of the most desirable Fleshlight girl on the market. She is hot, with ideal measures looking trough men eyes.

Her shaved pussy is basically in every mans dream. However, you are one of those who can grab a chance and invite her into your home.

I, personally love dark hair chicks, but if I must choose between the blondes, she will definitely end in my bedroom. Not only because of her sexy body shape, but also because of her beautiful eyes and smile which tease the desire in every man soul.

Jenna Jameson Fleshlight Girl

Jenna Jammes vagina Fleshlight masturbator is molded direct from her body. Real skin like material offers you a realistic sexual experience, that everyone can only dream about it.

So don’t waste your time waiting when you an download next movie with Jenna Jameson Fleshlight girl.

On the market you can find a lot of products, but you should be careful and shop only in trust worth stores.

Here is one that I trust most:

Click on and don’t forget to use a special promo code TOYS4U for 10% discount (no minimum order)!

To find out more about those chicks, click on Fleshlight girls!

Best long distance controlled vibrators

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If you want to bring your sex life to the next level, you should consider about getting one of the best long distance controlled vibrators.

Advantage of those sex toys is in their usability. It gives you more freedom and you can use it with your partner. Like it’s mentioned before, if you want to bring your sex life to the next level, you should trust to your partner.

Maybe you ask yourself, what should I trust to my partner?!

The answer is, the remote controller.

Use the advantage of best long distance controlled vibrators and have fun with your partner. Of course, you can tease each other too.

You are not limited only on woman vibrators. One of the best selling long distance controlled vibrators are Remote controlled vibrating panties for men. Those are quite unique, but you should know that they are very popular in nowadays.

Best long distance controlled vibrators

You also have a choice to pick those that are made for couples. I’m sure that you will love to have MasteRing Ring & Bullet Set. It’s unique and stylish, its range is up to 50 feet, so your partner can tease you across the room.

If you want even more, you should check the vibrators with voice controlled option of its vibrations. You can get some that you plug into your iPad and you can enjoy in vibrating pleasures of your favorite songs.
For those who wants to enjoy even more in their beloved songs I recommend to find those with voice sensitive remote controller.
So you can get teasing from whisper of your partner or you go and enjoy on some party or even better, on the concert of your favorite band.

In sex life of every single person is always some ups and downs. Take care of yours, and rise it up and choose one of the best long distance controlled vibrators.

Use a promo code TOPVIBRATORS and get -10% discount (no minimum order) – CLICK HERE!

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Strict leather arm binders

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Boring every day sex routine is very stressful and joy killer. So if you are looking for something extra to spice up your sex life, Leather arm binders are the best that you need.

Strict leather arm bindersLeather Arm binders are very popular by couples who dare to make next step to trust and get more from their sex life. Implement this BDSM toy in your passionate sex and get more from it.
With trusting in sex you build up trust in your partner too. After all, sex is the most powerful bond between man and woman in relationship.
These sleeves are made of garment leather. Two buckling adjustable leather straps take care that the binders are secured to the body.
With this item you force the arms close together behind the back. As a bonus, you can find a D-ring at the very end of this armbinder. So you can attach your partner to other objects if you want to.

Every couple go through many life adventures and sex is no exception. Sex is meant to be fun, exciting and of course full of joy and pleasure for both of you. However, many couples go through the sex crises. So this is the only one way to beat the crises before you even reach it.

Make your sex life more interesting and build more trust with your partner. Indulge in the ultimate pleasure while your arms are binded behind your back.

Don’t waste your time and get Leather Arm Binder now!!

To get one, GO HERE, or HERE!

How to find best vibrating panties for you

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How to find best vibrating panties for you is question which answer is hidden in the way you want to use them. There is no doubt, that popularity of those is growing especially among couples. If you want to know how to find best vibrating panties for you you should check this out.

There are few type of vibrating panties, but which one is best for you depend on how you will use them.

For solo play and cheapest version is to get vibrating bullet insert. Once you have one, you turn it on, sli pinto your panties and wonderland of vibrating pleasures is right before you.
However, you should consider about get vibrating panties. This means, that you get panties and bullet insert.
It’s nicer to have the whole package, but as you wish. After all, you can get few variations of bullet insert, so you can save your money.

remote vibra

Next version is vibrating panties with wired controller of bullet insert which is hidden in your panties on that special place of yours.
It can be controlled by your partner too, but you don’t have much freedom as by using wireless remote control vibrating panties.

So we come to the level of wireless remote controlled vibrating panties. Those are most popular by couples. Especially those who love to have fun anywhere, anytime.
It can be used almost anywhere you want to. On the Bus, at the cinema, on the concert, while you walk in the park…
Great example of using one is the movie »The ugly truth«. Where  Katherine Heigl wear them on business dinner.
Result??? Watch the movie and you will love it! You can check more about those panties if you click on – Vibrating panties from The ugly truth movie!
Couples usually use those for foreplay and when they come home, the real action begin.

However this is not it. On the market is also vibrating lingerie which si controlled not only by wireless remote controller, but also have a voice sensitive sensor, which activate the vibrations controlled by voice.
This is ultimate fun especially when you can enjoy in vibrating pleasures of the beat of your favorite song or even better, if you are on the concert of your favorite band.
Now you know why this type is The best vibrating panties.

I hope this will help you to find the answer on the question, how to find best vibrating panties for you.

Don’t hesitate and surprise your partner with vibrating lingerie.

To find out more , click on – Best vibrating panties!

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