Three holes of male realistic masturbators

Masturbating is something good and healthy. This is not only for satisfy its own needs, but also to explore your body, what you like most and what brings you down.

Very important during masturbation is to enjoy the sexual experience that you have. No matter if there is your bare hand that »choke your turkey«, or you use some of the male realistic masturbator sex toys.

Basically, there are threee holes that are ment for masturbating with male realistic masturbators. Mouth, pussy and ass masturbators are those three.

There is no need to loose my words and your time to explain that most of those are molded from models. Some of those, especially those in higher price range are molded from well known porn stars.three holes of male realistic masturbators

Which hole of male realistic masturbators should you pick?


Mouth are those that we see it most. In my opinion, most mens loves to get a blowjob. So if you are one of those who like this most, you should pick this one.

Only problem here is that you are basically limited on Fleshlight toys. Which is not bad, but your range of choices is a little bit smaller.

Anyway, advantage of Fleshlight mouth sleves is that is easy to clean and almost always ready to use. But you can replace it, with pussy or ass sleeves. It’s compact and you can hide it anywhere in your room or in luggage if you go to vacation.

This is also great for those who love guys. You can pick one from the fleshlight collection, which you can FIND HERE!

Ass is second. It’s also great for those who’s turned on by guys. Anyway, it’s also for those who like annal sex. This hole is normally tight, so it gives a little bit more pleasure because of the »pressure« of tightness.

Fake Pussy and ass vibroThose come molded from men and woman as well as from well known porn stars.

Here you are not limited only on Fleshlight sex toys, but you can also get a whole package of woman’s body including pussy.

No matter which one you choose, I’m sure, you’ll get great sexual experiance with those.

Pussy is normally most desirable hole for men. Just like ass masturbators, realistic pussy is something that you pick as an Fleshlight sleeve, or whole package of woman’s body.

It’s up to you. If you want to masturbate using hands, you definitely choose one of the Fleshlight girls pussy.

If you like to bang it, get an extra shower mount for fleshlight that you can fix it on any smooth surface or get bigger piece of woman’s body.


Advantages of Fleshlight realistic masturbators is hidden in removable sleeves. You can pick all three holes from one or multiple porn stars and enjoy in intimite pleasures of your dream girls.

If you want to change it, you simply remove one sleeve and insert different on and you can start masturbate.

Don’t forget to clean your realistic masturbator before and after every use.

With proper cleaning and maintaining, those will ast for a very long time.

All of those toys are made from bodysafe materials and give a real skin like feeling.

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